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Beginners Shabbat Schedule


KJ Committed to Chesed and Kindness 
See HERE for KJ Chesed Corner.

KJB Shabbat Services unite for the summer!
The Beginners Service and KJB Minyan will join together for the summer. Enjoy the best of both experiences or try out the KJ Main Service over the summer. Please let us know if you'd like a partner to help make following the service easier.

Hebrew with Sara Rosen – Thursday August 29
Beginners Hebrew 6:00 – 7:00 pm - This popular series of classes enables those with no previous background in Hebrew to learn to read Hebrew in just a short time.

High Holiday Hebrew 7:00 – 8:00 pm - Explore the Machzor and become more familiar with the liturgy in time for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. This class is perfect as a review for those who wish to brush up on their skills.

Friday Night Live - End of Summer BBQ - Friday, September 13
Reconnect with friends as a New Year approaches! Spirited Beginners Service at 6:45 pm led by Chazan Shilo Kramer, followed by a delicious barbecue themed dinner with terrific energy and stimulating discussion. RSVP HERE

Join us for the High Holidays - Our 29th year!
Welcome the New Year with a meaningful service offering traditional prayers and a modern message and a chance to learn, ask, and discuss. No knowledge of Hebrew necessary. We are proud to be the largest Beginners Service in North America!

Information and registration HERE | Spread the word! | $75 per person

Friday, August 16
Candle lighting - 7:35 pm
Evening Services in the Rohr Chapel - 6:45 pm

Shabbat, August 17
United KJB Summer Service with Rabbi Daniel Kraus - 9:30 am in the Nakash Gymnasium. The Beginners Service and KJB Minyan come together for the summer. Explore prayer and parsha along with plenty of singing and explanation in this user-friendly, informative service experience.

Kiddush following services sponsored by George Rohr in memory of the yahrzeit of his father, Shmuel ben Yehoshua Eliyahu z’l.

Pre-Mincha Shiur at 6:45 pm with Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz speaking on Anthropomorphism, Aggadah and Book Burnings: The Maimonidean Controversy of 1234.

Mincha in the Rohr Chapel is at 7:25 pm followed by Seudah Shlishit with Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz speaking on A Page from the Daf Yomi: When Does Something Become Something Else? 

Havdalah - 8:30 pm

On the Jewish Calendar
This Shabbat is known as Shabbat Nachamu - the Shabbat of Consolation. It is named after the Haftorah (portion from the Prophets) read at services. It is a passage from the prophet Isaiah (40:1-26) in which God speaks of comforting his desolate people. For the next seven weeks, we will read consoling selections for the Haftorah.

Time for a Taste of Torah|
"V'shinantam l'vanecha l'vanecha v'dibarta bam - You shall teach them (these words) thoroughly to your children and you shall speak of them..." (Devarim/Deuteronomy 6:7)

The classical commentator Rashi understands that one who teaches must be very clear on the material and be able to answer any question quickly and accurately. He also quotes the statement of the Sages that students are also called children. We are all aware of the tremendous responsibility educators have, but we must also be aware of the incredible opportunity each of us has to be an educator. Whenever anyone asks us a question relating to Judaism, it gives us the opportunity to teach and connect. We must do our best to be ready for such encounters - to give enthusiastic, educated answers to inspire and educate the questioner.

Sun, August 18 2019 17 Av 5779