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KJ Sisterhood: Welcomes all the women members of CKJ

We are another avenue for the women in the CKJ community to

Learn, Do Chesed, Make Friends and Feel Connected



Join us for a co-ed Challah Bake with the Challah Girls and Guest speaker Dr. Hillel Grossman from Mount Sinai Memory and Aging Center. 

Bake, drink scotch, eat sushi and learn why our minds over time can become a doughy mess.   Cost: $40 per person, $100 sponsorship.  




How We Began

The KJ Sisterhood was started by Mrs. Gertrude Lookstein, of blessed memory. She said in an interview, just two months before her passing, that “KJ needed someone to pull it together. It needed socialization and so I began by starting the Sisterhood. I also started our women preparing and caring for Shiva houses….I was part of a community whether for solace or to lend a hand here or there...”

Many years later, the Sisterhood inaugurated an annual Gertrude Lookstein Award, whose first recipient was her daughter-in-law, Audrey Lookstein.  It was our way of honoring Mrs. Lookstein’s memory and emphasizing the important contributions of the KJ Sisterhood.

What We Do 

The Sisterhood continues Mrs. Lookstein’s initiative of preparing a Shiva home, including the first meal; contributing to KJ programs and activities, such as the communal Sukkah, and Bar/Bat Mitzvah gifts; sending a welcome package to new members; and funding any unsponsored Shabbat kiddushim.

Who Benefits From Our Programs

Money raised through Sisterhood programming supports social action projects that benefit families and individuals in our community and around the world. The causes we have supported charitably in the past include: the Community of Sderot, Dorot, Hatzolah, the Israeli Defense Forces, Magen David Adom, Project Ezra, Sharsheret, the Jacques & Hanna Schwalbe Mikvah,  UJA, and of course, The Ramaz Scholarship Fund, among many others.  

How To Get Involved

We would love to have your participation. You can co-chair an event or offer your home as a venue, or simply come to an event to be with friends and meet new people. If you would like more information on how to get involved, contact any member of the Sisterhood Executive Committee at

Carla Tanz, President,
Ariel Sebag, Vice President,

Below is a list of some Sisterhood events we are planning. Final dates and times will be posted below or on the website calendar. Stay tuned! 

Mon, January 22 2018 6 Shevat 5778