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Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun (KJ) is a Modern Orthodox synagogue founded in 1872 on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  Since its beginnings, KJ defines itself as a modern Orthodox synagogue, which fosters a commitment to religious tradition in combination with an active participation in a modern secular society.  The Rabbi’s, synagogue educators, administrators and congregants of KJ are integral participants in, secular society, with social and civic responsibilities. 

The synagogue takes pride in being part of the larger community: a community not only of the Jewish People and the State of Israel, but also of our fellow New Yorkers, Americans and humankind.  It is precisely this dedication to halakhah and mitzvoth and its communal dedication and involvement that defines Congregation Kehliath Jeshurun.

 We are deeply committed to our religious traditions, to the study of Torah, the observance of Shabbat and kashrut, the love of, and support for, our fellow Jews and an unbreakable bond with the State of Israel and its citizens.  We also provide a welcoming atmosphere for unaffiliated Jews who want to engage in religious traditions and expand their practice of Jewish values. 

Finally, KJ is dedicated to the continuing of the Jewish day school education.  This is exemplified by KJ’s sponsorship of the Ramaz School, which was founded in 1937 by Rabbi Joseph Lookstein, of blessed memory.



Mon, January 22 2018 6 Shevat 5778