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KJB Program (KJB)


Our acclaimed outreach and engagement efforts offer meaningful experiences for Jews of all backgrounds. We host weekly Shabbat services, Torah classes, Friday Night Live Shabbat Dinners, Holiday programming, and much more. We proudly host the largest High Holiday Beginners Service and Shabbat Across America program. 

We are all beginners let us turn a new page together. We welcome all to see what KJB has to offer.


Services led by Rabbi Daniel & Rachel Kraus, Chazan Joey Senders, George Rohr, Morris Massel and Dr. Steve Rudolph, followed by a delicious hot kiddush. 

Celebrate and commemorate lifecycles with KJB. To sponsor a kiddush contact Yael Haller.







Explorers Service - Abridged - 9:30 am
Meaningful Shabbat experience!

Join us for an explanatory, engaging and meaningful navigation of Prayer and the weekly Torah portion. 

KJB Minyan – Soulful Prayer & Parsha Dive - at 9:30 am
Where the classical synagogue service meets your spiritual needs!

Join us for this welcoming, intimate, and user-friendly service which allows you to pray and explore the Parsha like never before, with a healthy dose of spirit and soul. 

Beginners Service – Classic - 9:30 am
You'll never look at Shabbat morning the same way!

Join us for an introductory and welcoming service with no-Hebrew-necessary. Prayers, the weekly Torah portion, and rituals are all explained. 

Contact Us

For more information on the KJ Beginners program, please contact Rabbi Daniel Kraus.

Fri, February 3 2023 12 Shevat 5783