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Celebrate Shabbat with KJB

Experience the Difference

Buffet Kiddush all together following services

Services led by Rabbi Daniel & Rachel Kraus, Chazan Joey Senders, George Rohr, Morris Massel and Dr. Steve Rudolph.


Explorers Service - Abridged - 9:30
Meaningful Shabbat experience!

Join us for an explanatory, engaging and meaningful navigation of Prayer and the weekly Torah portion. 

KJB Minyan – Soulful Prayer & Parsha Dive - at 9:30 am
Where the classical synagogue service meets your spiritual needs!

Join us for this welcoming, intimate, and user-friendly service which allows you to pray and explore the Parsha like never before, with a healthy dose of spirit and soul. 



Beginners Service – Classic - 9:30 am
You'll never look at Shabbat morning the same way!

Join us for an introductory and welcoming service with no-Hebrew-necessary. Prayers, the weekly Torah portion, and rituals are all explained. 

Wed, May 31 2023 11 Sivan 5783