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Weekly Classes

See HERE for class schedules and start dates.


9:00 am - Dr. William Major Memorial Advanced Shiur in Talmud
Taught by Rabbi Dr. Jeremy Wieder - ZOOM
Continuing our study of Masekhet Brachot with its classical commentaries.


9:00 am - Exploring Jewish Thought - ZOOM
Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz
What is the foundation of ethics? How did Orthodox Jews understand the Holocaust? Dive deeply into questions of Jewish philosophy and wrestle with challenging ideas. Appropriate for intellectually curious students of any background. Translated texts provided. 


9:00 am - Ripped from the Headlines: Contemporary Issues Explored Through a Jewish Lens - ZOOM
Rabbi Elie Weinstock
Each week, explore a recent headline through a Jewish perspective. Suggestions welcome.

8:00 pm - For the Love of God - ZOOM
Rabbi Meyer Laniado
What is the Jewish concept of God, life purpose, holiness, spirituality, angels, prophecy, free will, the afterlife and reward, and punishment? We will also explore the numerous laws around idol worship, identifying what it is, and whether or not it still exists in our modern world. By the end of the series we will have developed a clear paradigm of Judaism, understanding our unique view of God, the world, and our life purpose.


9:00 am - Women’s Parshat Hashavua - ZOOM
Rabbi Haskel Lookstein

6:30 pm - Crash Course in Hebrew Reading - ZOOM
Sara Rosen
This popular series of classes enables those with no previous background in Hebrew to learn to read Hebrew in just a short time.

7:30 pm - Prayerbook Hebrew - ZOOM
Sara Rosen
Designed for those with some ability to read Hebrew, students practice reading skills using the siddur and other Jewish texts. Special emphasis is placed on becoming fluent in the daily prayers and traditional tunes of Jewish liturgy.

9:00 pm - Contemporary Halakhic Issues - ZOOM 
Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz
An in depth look at some of the most fascinating halakhic responsa of the 20th century.



7:00 pm - Crash Course in Basic Judaism - ZOOM
KJ Clergy
A comprehensive year-long course covering major themes in Jewish law, practice and thought. Explore how a 5,000 year old religion is more relevant today than ever before.

8:00 pm - Thursday Night Live - ZOOM
Featuring Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz special guests Chazan Benny Zalta and Rabbi Meyer Laniado dialoguing on From Damascus to KJ: A Remarkable Personal Story.

8:30 pm - KJB Pre-Shabbat Inspiration - ZOOM
Rabbi Daniel & Rachel Kraus
Join Rabbi Daniel & Rachel Kraus to capture the Shabbat spirit with some prayer and song and an interactive Parsha discussion. A virtual Kiddush will follow!


8:30 am - TGIS: Thank God it’s Shabbos! - ZOOM
Rabbi Elie Weinstock
Get into the Shabbat spirit with 30 minutes of parsha and inspiration.

Tue, October 20 2020 2 Cheshvan 5781