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Jewish Lifecycles

Planning a Bnei Mitzvah with KJ

In order to help you plan and prepare for your Bnei Mitzvah, we have compiled a handbook to answer any questions you may have regarding the logistics and learning associated with the process. Click here for full details. Our hope is this handbook will assist you in understanding the activities involved in Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation. Mazal Tov on this special milestone!

Chevra Kadisha

Join a dedicated group of men and women performing the sacred mitzvah of preparing the recently deceased for proper, dignigied burial in accordance with Jewish Tradition and law. Contact Riva Alper for the women’s Chevra Kadisha at and contact Isaac Pollak for the men’s Chevra Kadisha at

Synagogue Memorial Plaques

To order plaques for deceased loved ones (or to reserve for yourself after 120 years of health and blessing), see here.

Cemetery Plots On The KJ Grounds In Paramus, NJ

To purchase burial plots at Beth El cemetery in NJ, visit If you would like to speak with someone about this opportunity, please contact Sy Yanofsky in the synagogue office at 212-774-5620 or

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