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Upcoming Events

Scholar in Residence Shabbat

Shabbat vayikra / March 25

Rabbi Weider will present 3 times over Shabbat: 


9:00 am Morning Services - Sacrifices and Sacrifice: What it Means to Serve God


6:00 pm Pre-Mincha Class - Do We Make a Berakhah on Hallel on the Night of Pesach


6:45 pm Evening Services followed by Seudah Shlishit - When a Ruler Hath Sinned:" The Definition of True Leadership

Will Elijah Be at Your Seder This Year?

Sunday / March 26 / 8:00 pm

Join KJ and YU for an evening celebrating Rabbi Sacks Book Prize winner (Funded by the Rohr Family), Dr. Daniel Matt, author of “Becoming Elijah” (Yale University Press), in conversation with Dr. Shira Weiss, Assistant Director of the Sacks-Herenstein Center. Dessert reception will follow program. RSVP here. Location - 125 East 85th Street

Shabbat Hagadol Drasha

Shabbat Tzav / April 1 / Following 6:15 pm Mincha Services

Join us on Shabbat HaGadol for a Drasha delivered by Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz speaking on

“Who Is a (Good Enough) Jew? - What Happens When a Jew Converts Out of Judaism.”

*Sponsored by Suzy & Larry Present

Annual Synagogue Shabbaton

Shabbat HaGadol / Parashat Tzav / March 31 - April 1

“No Cooking Before Pesach”

Featuring Malcolm I. Hoenlein, Vice Chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the coordinating body for 53 national Jewish organizations. Sponsored by Suzanne and Dr. Norman B. Javitt. Location  - 125 East 85th Street 


Friday Evening Services  - 6:45 pm followed by Friday Night Dinner - RSVP here.

Post Dinner Lecture -  9:15 pm - "Confronting Critical Issues of the Jewish World”


Saturday Gala Kiddush Luncheon - 11:30 am followed by a Kiddush discussion on "Remembering the Future - KJ’s Leadership Role"

Annual Yom Hashoah Program

Monday / April 17 / 7:30 pm

Lunas Life - As a child in the Holocaust, Luna Kaufman experienced horrors unimaginable to most adults.  Despite her trauma, she emerged committed to teaching forgiveness and reconciliation, and today she is a tireless champion of Jewish-Christian understanding owing in chief to the example set by Sister Rose Thering, a Catholic nun who led the fight to eliminate antisemitism from school textbooks.  Luna dedicates her life to educating children on the Holocaust. See more details here

Israel at 75 - Tekes Ma'Avar

Tuesday / April 25 / 8:00 pm

From Memorial to Celebration: Honoring Yom Hazikaron & Yom Ha'Atzmaut

Join us as we come together to transition from commemoration to celebration in honor of the state of Israel's 75th anniversary. Our ceremony is a partnership between Kehilath Jeshurun, Park Avenue Synagogue, and Central Syangogue.



- Inspirational words from our Rabbis

- Special musical perfomance with our cantors

- In-person program


Location - Park Avenue Synaoguge, 50 east 87th Street | Livestream on JBS

KJ Poland Mission

July 10-17

Explore 1,000 years of Polish Jewish history leading up to the Holocaust. Itinerary includes an in-depth educational tour of the Warsaw Ghetto, Auschwitz, other critical Holocaust sites and a visit with members of the reborn Polish Jewish community that emerged after the Holocaust and Communism. Dr. David Bernstein will be our trip leader and guide. JRoots trip registration and details here. For questions email here.

Sat, March 25 2023 3 Nisan 5783