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Upcoming Events

Shabbat with FIDF

Saturday Bereshit / October 13-14

Featuring Rabbi Steven Weil

Chief Executive Officer of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces


9:00 am Services & Sermon

The Faces of the New IDF: Confronting the Challenges Facing Israel and Humanity


12:00 pm - Men’s Club Kiddush Discussion

The Ethics of War


5:00 pm - Afternoon Class

Talking Snakes and an Anatomy of the Worlds first Homicide


5:50 pm - Evening Services followed Seudat Shlishit 

My Three Sons

Norman z”l & Tova Bulow Annual Shabbaton

Shabbat Noach / October 20-21

Featuring - Rabbi Shlomo Brody of Ematai (Educating communities about Jewish Organ Donation)


6:00 pm Shabbat Services 

Friday Night Dinner (reservation required)

RSVP for dinner TBD


8:30 pm Post Dinner Lecture (All are invited to join)

“Minhagim, Mortality & the Search for Meaning”


9:00 am Shabbat Services

“Fateful Decisions in Jewish Medical Ethics: A Tale of Two Rabbinic Debates”


5:00 pm Pre-Mincha Class

“NIs Every Moment of Life of Infinite Value? Quality of Life in Jewish Law”


5:40 pm Evening Services Followed by Seudah Shlishit

“The One Surprising & Controversial Issue that Religious Zionists Agree Upon”

Leah Modlin Annual Lecture on Caring & Community Service

Shabbat Lech Lecha / Oct 28 / Following 9:00 am Services

Featuring Joseph Gitler - Founder and Chairman of Leket Israel

“How a solo operation in my driveway became Israel’s National Food Bank”

KJ Annual Dinner

Saturday night / December 2 / 8:00 pm


The KJ Dinner is NOT your typical shul dinner; there are no assigned seats, no formal attire  and the program is short.   Let's celebrate together, with an excellent buffet, music, and entertainment. RSVP here.

Wed, October 4 2023 19 Tishrei 5784