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KJ Annual Dinner Sat Night, Dec 2

Looking back on these 13 years, we all feel deep appreciation for the strength and unity that KJ Sephardic has brought to the broader KJ community.  Our synagogue has become both a House of God and a House for all Jews, a unique and wonderful example of Jewish groups of different backgrounds and traditions joining together to create one large and dynamic community.

For those who have never been, the KJ Dinner is NOT your typical shul dinner.  There are no assigned seats and no formal attire.  The program is short and meaningful.   It is simply a great night to celebrate together, along with an excellent buffet, music, and entertainment.

KJ Annual Dinner Chairs

Lenore & Ben Brachot

Vanessa & Ray Chalme

Stephanie & Bennett Katz

Lani & Jason Kollander

Support the KJ Dinner

$1800 - Couple - Includes $1000 in chips

$900 - Single - Includes $500 in chips

$1000 - Couple - Includes $500 in chips

$500 - Single -  Includes $250 in chips

$500 - Couple - Includes $250 in chips

$250 - Single - Includes $150 in chips

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Wed, October 4 2023 19 Tishrei 5784