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High Holiday Learning 2019

Ready yourself spiritually and mentally for the High Holiday season with these enlightening courses!

Crash Course in Basic Judaism with Rabbi Elie Weinstock

Thursday at 7:00 pm September 19

Explore Belief in God, Prayer, Shabbat, Jewish Observance, and Sexuality. Perfect for those new to Judaism or those wishing to deepen their existing understanding. Co-sponsored by NJOP.

Drisha Stanley Rudoff Memorial Lectures

Sundays at 7:15 pm

9/22 - Hannah's Prayers with Rabbi David Silber 

The story of Hannah is the Haftorah of Rosh Hashana. Her prayer is understood by the rabbinic tradition to be a classical paradigm of prayer. We will examine the specifics of her two prayers, both in relationship to Rosh Hashana and in relationship to prayer more generally, in an attempt to broaden our understanding of prayer and its possibilities.

10/6 - Neilah: Ends and Beginings with Rabbi Shlomo Zuckier

The Neilah prayer, the last of the five Yom Kippur Tefillot, is recited at the waning moments of the holiest day of the year. Exploring a range of liturgical, Talmudic and Halakhic texts, we will consider how Neilah serves to carry over Yom Kippur into the rest of the year.

12th Annual Florence Fishel Cohen Teshuvah Lecture with Rabbi Dr. Jeremy Wieder

Thursday, October 3 at 7:30 pm, in the Heyman Auditorium 125 East 85th Street. 

Death and Life Are in the Control of the Tongue - Do We Need to Change the Way We Speak?

Holiday Review 5780 with Rabbi Daniel and Rachel Kraus

Prepare for the each holiday with a deep dive into it's unique laws, customs and mysticism. 

Thursdays - 7:00 - 8:00 pm

September 26 - More than Apples & Honey. Getting more out of Rosh Hashanah 

October 3 - Beyond Fasting & Prayer. Yom Kippur Un-Packing Yom Kippur 

October 10 - Be Joyous in Your Hut - Sukkot in 2019

Sat, September 21 2019 21 Elul 5779