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Prayer Services

Shabbat Services

7:15 am          Hashkama Minyan

9:00 am          Main Service

9:00 am          Sephardic Minyan

9:30 am          Kesher Minyan

9:30 am          Beginners Service & KJB Minyan

9:30 am          Teen Minyan

10:00 am        Junior Congregation & Youth Minyan

Sephardic Minyan (

The KJ Sephardic Minyan was established six years ago to serve the growing need for Sephardic services in the neighborhood. The minyan, known for its exceptional warmth, spirit, and inclusiveness, has grown significantly since then. We currently offer services on Shabbat, holidays, and weekday mornings. Members of KJ Sephardic also participate robustly in the broader KJ community programming.

We are pleased to have Chazan Benjamin Zalta lead the Minyan and inspire all who attend.

Weekday Services
Shacharit (Morning Service)

8:30 am          Sunday, Legal Holidays

7:15 am          Monday, Thursday

7:30 am          Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

7:00 am          Rosh Chodesh weekdays

Mincha & Ma’ariv (Evening Service)

Standard Time: 5-10 minutes before sunset

Daylight Savings Time: 6:45 pm

Due to the ongoing restoration of our Main Sanctuary, services throughout the year may be in different locations.  Please check with the synagogue office regularly to confirm times and venues.  For more information, see our monthly calendar.

Hashkama Minyan 7:15 am

This early morning service helps to facilitate synagogue attendance by the whole family, with one spouse going home to relieve the other. It is followed by a short Torah class.

Kesher Minyan 9:15 am (

This service is designed for young couples, young singles, as well as all families with young children.

The special kiddush that follows is a great place to meet and greet other young people of the community.  

Beginners Service 9:30 am

Start your Shabbat morning with an introductory and welcoming, no-Hebrew-necessary service.

KJB Minyan 9:30 am

This interactive yet intimate service allows you to explore prayer and parsha like never before.

Women's Tefilah Group (

This women's participatory service is designed as a celebration of women's prayer and learning.  

October 12 (Simchat Torah), January 13
Please check calendar for additional dates.

Email for more information. 


Tue, March 19 2019 12 Adar II 5779