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Widows Connection

To learn more about the KJ/Ramaz chapter of "W Connection," or to get to know the bright shining light in our community named Gabriella Major, please email Gabriella at or call her at 212-879-4783. 

The "W Connection" is a grassroots organization created to meet the needs of widows by providing widow-to-widow support at the community level so that widows can successfully rebuild their lives and regain and sustain social-emotional stability and health.  The "W Connection" is run exclusively by widows for the support of widows.  It is unique because unlike other organizations that just deal with immediate grief, this organization helps to take women beyond the initial stages of bereavement. The "W Connection" focuses on helping women rebuild a future with the goal of leading a happy and productive life. 

Chapter Meetings are targeted to women who have been widowed for at least 6 months to a year, and are 90 minutes in duration.  Meeting topics are dedicated to helping widows move forward.  Some recent examples are:  What I've Learned About My Self Since Being a Widow; What Steps Have I Taken to Move Forward; Things I am Proud Of.  Chapter meetings offer Learning (widows learning from sister widows), Sharing experiences with no judgment, Camaraderie/Peer Support (we have all been there), and New Relationships. 

To sign up for the free "W Connection" newsletter, please click here.


Yoetzet Halakhah

Julia Baruch serves as the KJ Yoetzet Halakhah. This position of great responsibility falls to a woman with recognized expertise in the field of Taharat Hamishpacha and women's health issues who can advise women on topics such as niddah, fertility problems, and sex education for teens. Julia is reachable by phone at 929-274-0628 or e-mail at 


Community Mikvahs

The Jacques and Hanna Schwalbe Mikvah, 419 East 77th Street (between 1st and York Avenues).

Call 212-359-2020.

Letter from The Jacques and Hanna Schwalbe Mikvah 

The Rennert Mikvah at Fifth Avenue Synagogue, 5 East 62nd Street (just off Fifth Avenue).

Call 212-753-6058.

The West Side Mikvah, 234 West 74th Street (between Broadway and West End Avenue).

Call 212-579-2011.


Judaica Shop

Judaica Classics by Doina, is in a new location at 1248 Lexington Avenue, between 84th and 85th Streets.  The store has a great selection of Judaica for all gift and holiday needs.

Business hours are:  Sunday 10 am–5 pm, Monday-Thursday 10 am–6 pm, Friday 10 am–2 pm, and by appointment.  Call Doina Bryskin at 212-722-4271 or email


Manhattan Eruv

The Manhattan Eruv includes an expanding number of neighborhoods in the city.  Please call the hotline to check on the weekly status of the Eruv at 212-874-6100 x 452. View the Manhattan Eruv Map

Thu, June 21 2018 8 Tammuz 5778