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Lunch & Learn

We invite the seniors of the community to participate in weekly Lunch-and-Learn for Seniors at 12:00 noon on Wednesdays, beginning October 7.  This popular English language program takes place this fall in the Heyman Auditorium, 125 East 85th Street.  Hosted by 40-year KJ Member Donna Silverman, and open to members of the congregation 55 years of age and older, participants are invited, gratis, to lunch and learn from an impressive array of teachers offering presentations on a broad variety of topics of Jewish interest.

Lunch-and-Learn begins at 12:00 noon, preceded at 11:30 by KJ Member Willy Rosenberg's informal Yiddish language discussion group called Dus Haimische Shtiebel - The Yiddish Schmoozers, whose topical flow meanders like the Danube river!  Litvaks and Galicianers alike are welcome, as are all lovers of our wonderfully expressive and rich "Mama Loshon."  No language proficiency is expected, but be forewarned:  If you don't know what we're saying, we're probably kibitzing about you!

We look forward to welcoming the community's seniors for another enriching season of intellectual stimulation and camaraderie. For more information, please contact program hostess Donna Silverman at  

Lunch and Learn 2016-2017 (Schedule coming Soon)


2- Mitchel Agoos

9- Rabbi Kenneth Schiowitz

16- Rabbi Yigal Sklarin

23- Gil Kahn

 30- Israel Max


7- Janie Schwalbe

14- Gil Kahn

21- Israel Max


4- Gil Kahn

11- Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz

18- Israel Max

25-Rabbi Pesach Sommer


1- Mitch Agoos

8- Israel Max

15-Rabbi Yigal Sklarin

22- Evelyn Rochlin


1- Israel Max

8- Gil Kahn

15- Danielle Herbst

22- Rabbi Kenneth Schiowitz

29- Israel Max


5- Karen Lerman

26 - Rabbi Yigal Sklarin


3- Lower School Chorus

10- Mark Freidman

17- Janie Schwalbe

24-Gil Kahn


7- Mark Freidman

14- Rabbi Elie Weinstock


Fri, August 18 2017 26 Av 5777