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High Holy Days 2018 - 5779

HIGH HOLY DAY SERVICES will take place on:     

ROSH HASHANAH:   Monday and Tuesday | September 10 - 11                                        

YOM KIPPUR:            Tuesday evening and Wednesday| September 18 - 19

See below to express your preference for seats in one of our Ashkenaz services, and for the Sephardic Minyan. We will do our best to accommodate service preferences, but there is no guarantee.  Here are the service locations: 

1. Kaufman Auditorium at the Ramaz Upper School - 60 East 78th Street.   Jay Zwiebel will lead services at this location only.  Babysitting on site for children 3 and up whose parents want them to remain at 78th street, with KJYD personnel escorting all other children to and from Holiday Camp on 85 Street every 15 minutes.

2. KJ Chapel at the Ramaz Lower School - 125 East 85th Street.  Sephardic Minyan. 

3. Falk Auditorium at the Ramaz Middle School - 114 East 85th Street. 

Anyone wishing to worship in the Beginners Service, please click here.

KJ does not issue seats to children under twelve years of age, and we invite them to attend KJYD Holiday Camp on 85 Street ONLY. Children in grades nursery through sixth grade must be pre-registered to participate. Hot Kiddush is included.  

If you already registered for Holiday seats and are locked-out from belatedly registering your children for the Youth Department’s Holiday Camp on Rosh Hashanah, please contact Youth Director Aryana Ritholtz at

This High Holy Day order form can only be submitted once.  If, after you place your online order you need to make a change, please contact

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Sun, August 19 2018 8 Elul 5778