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Chesed Corner

THANKS to the commitment of so many dedicated KJ members, there are a tremendous number of Chesed initiatives available right here in the KJ community! Get involved!

Shabbat Hospitality

Let’s build a warm and welcoming KJ community!

Are you new to the community? Do you still feel like you’re new to the community or not sufficiently connected? If you’re interested in meeting new people, hosting members, or being hosted, please contact

Bikur Cholim

For over 35 years, a dedicated group of KJ members have been visiting patients at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital.
For more information, contact Volunteer Coordinator Karen Lerman at

Chevra Kadisha

Join a dedicated group of men and women performing this sacred mitzvah. Contact Riva Alper for the women’s Chevra Kadisha at and contact Isaac Pollak for the men’s Chevra Kadisha at


Through personal contact with seniors, volunteers help deliver vital services to the elderly and work to forge bonds between the generations.

See for volunteer opportunities. For KJ’s Dorot Shabbat Meal Delivery Program contact Leonard Silverman at


The Upper East Side Division volunteers volunteer EMTs and provide immediate response and the highest quality emergency medical and life saving services to our community, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call (212) 410-9796 for information.

Mitzvah Toy Campaign

This heartfelt program encourages children from Nursery School through Grade 8 to donate one or more of their birthday presents to children in need.
For information contact Joanna Kleinhaus at

KJ Food Pantry

One of the few kosher food pantries in Manhattan, it provides weekly (every Monday) staples as well as fresh fruit and vegetables to those in need in our community.
For more information or to volunteer, contact Danielle Kaufman Herbst at

W Connection

A grassroots organization created to meet the needs of widows. To learn more about the KJ/Ramaz chapter, contact 212-879-4783 or Gabriella Major at

Career Network

The KJ/Ramaz Career Network endeavors to help members find jobs, or fill a vacancy with a qualified shul member. Contact Larry Kassman at

Thu, June 21 2018 8 Tammuz 5778